04.11 - KPBS has just published a story about 'Refugee' and the music video's director, Ron Najor. Check it out

04.09 - The response to 'Refugee' has been incredible. Over 6,000 views in just 3 days!

04.06 - My music video for 'Refugee' is now released. Please show your support by spreading the word and reposting it everywhere! Watch 'Refugee' on Youtube

04.01 - Finally hitting the stage once again! I can't think of a better place to do it than at the House of Blues in San Diego either. All ages are welcome! Check out my facebook page for details

03.07 - The San Diego CityBeat just reviewed my Future History EP. Check it out: ‎"I’m not exactly a fan of inspirational rave-rap, but this EP from Timz, an MC of Iraqi descent, is full of surprises. The infectious synth hook of “Die for Never” had me pumping my fist, the “Give Peace a Chance” sampling on “Do Something” is actually pretty badass, and I get the impression that the chilling stories in “Refugee” are very real. I actually feel pretty inspired by this one."

01.03 - Finished up recording my new music video called 'Refugee.' Thanks to Ron Najor and Alvin Shamoun for making it happen.

12.25 - Merry Christmas everyone! I just had a chance to meet Kanye West at the Lakers vs. Heat game at Staples Center. I didn't have enough time to rap my album to him though :(

09.12 - Don't forget to add me on facebook!

08.27 - Just left the studio... working on some more new tracks!

07.01 - It's here! Listen to Die For Never. A music video will be coming...

06.30 - My first single off of Future History will be released tomorrow! It's called Die For Never... stay tuned to my Facebook page to hear it first!

06.12 - I just added my interview from Baghdad, USA to the Interview page. Click here to check it out

05.20 - Bad news! I'm still in the studio recording new songs so the album has been pushed back until the fall. Sorry to keep everyone waiting.

05.05 - If you haven't joined my Facebook page yet, what are you waiting for?

04.01 - It's official!  I will be releasing a new album called "Future History" in June! I've already written a lot of the songs and I'm very excited and proud of how it's coming out.

03.10 - Just recorded another documentary type piece for Voice of San Diego.  I'll post the clip when I get it.

02.26 - Since Myspace is dead, I don't post anything over there anymore.  Everyone please become a fan on Facebook. The link is to the right of the page.

01.11 - Just watched a documentary I was in called "Baghdad USA."  It was amazing!  I'm going to put up portions of my interview when I get it.  In the mean time, check out of you're interested in finding out more about Iraqis living in the USA.

11.13 - Just had a great show.  Thanks for everyone who came out and supported.  I love San Francisco! My first time up here but won't be the last!

11.01 - Everyone in Northern California!  I will finally be coming your way.  I'm scheduled to perform on November 13th at Cal State Eastbay.  Come hang out

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